Since 2010, when I helped creating tocavideos, my life's been all about making films. I gathered all my personal references on that field, my talents in design and music production, and dived into video production.

Tocavideos is all about music videos (live acoustic sessions, live shows, music videos, teasers, docs) and that experience, working with such an inspiring subject, made me learn a lot and building my own vision. Enough to go after new experiences.

Started improving what I've learned about film editing (serving mostly as editor and audio tech at tocavideos) while improving my filming, writing and directing skills. Then I started freelancing, working with different projects and/or artists.

Right now I'm at Viralata Produções, after being part of #rioeuteamo's team at Conspiração Filmes (2013/2014) and briefly at Descomplica (early 2013).

Please feel free to take a look at the videos I edited (or colored, or composed the music, or filmed and maybe directed, etc) and/or my work with music production, and photography.

Skills & Expertise //

  • DSLR cameras (operation/filming)
  • Music production (for videos or not just for videos)
  • Final Cut Pro 7 and/or Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere (not a fan, but..)
  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw


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